Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On Track Baby!

So far our Budget has worked beautifully this month and was a good month as well for extra money!

Hubby has one more paycheck and the month is not over but so far, I spent the $880 of the budget exactly how it is shown, as well as put extra money into  some of the extra envelope funds. It feels so good to  be back on track and in control!

Xtra money has been         $30 on hubby's paycheck
                                        $240  state refund
                                        $210 child support

This has gone into extra propane, holidays ( spent $120 on sons 15th birthday) clothing, extra gas for truck and needs and wants ( we need a push lawn mower really really soon!) Also funded a small emergency fund!

Looks like this budget will be a winner and finally work quite well for our family, it has not been easy coming up with a very low budget and live below our income level, but this one has worked better than any I have ever come up with before. By using extra money to fund all foreseeable items we need or want, for the year, I think it will work quite fabulous.

I funded holidays and clothing because my son had a Birthday this month and now my daughter has her 12th birthday coming up in May so have to get her a couple gifts. Also I promised her a trip to JC Penny's to get a few outfits, that will be funded out of the clothing fund. Normally we get clothes at thrift stores, but for her birthday this is what she wanted. Who could argue with that?

How are you doing for your budget this April?