Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summers End

So summer is wrapping up and coming to an end, did you enjoy it and have a good time? While it flew by, we certainly had some good times although it was a tad chilly for a typical summer! I am excited about another new year starting with lots of ideas for activities and fun.......... always did love beginnings! At the same time I am enjoying reflecting on some memorable moments we were able to have over this summer.
The Middle photo is one of my daughters latest anime works, she loves to draw anime and it is awesome to see her develop her talents. She drew quite a few over the summer and they never cease to surprise me and I never tire of seeing them!
The other 2 photos were of a visit to Potters Park Zoo which is in Lansing, Michigan....... while fairly small it was a lovely little zoo and time spent exploring exhibits and enjoying a beautiful day with friends and family.
A dear friend was able to come to visit twice bringing our adult daughter with her. Each time staying a few days!
My mom and sister visited a few times and even brought my brother from Florida once with them!
My mother in law visited a couple times, brought hubby's brother with her once and this weekend even came and took our daughter to spend 3 days with her, she returns tomorrow! While there she will be able to visit her great grandfather too!
We were able to take kids to the Movie Theatre 3 times, which is a big deal for us, we have not been to one in like 7 years! We went to see Croods, World War Z and Despicable 2 3D...... awesome!
We took the kids to the beach ( finally found a local nice one easy driving distance YEA!) last week, although our son chose not to go, me and our daughter had a blast, I even went in and played with her a little bit! Sadly I forgot my camera though! She met a girl there, and when we left exchanged information and now they are connected on facebook an awesome way to extend and deepen local connections!
I have been getting better and energy is once again returning! :) Ta Da!
We have gone to thrift stores and turned in video games to Game Stop for the credit to get new games, both activities my kids really enjoy.
We have taken the kids out for ice cream twice to Tim Horton's which JUST opened in our town at the beginning of Summer.
Our son turned 15
Our Daughter turned 12
Our dear friends from North Carolina came and stayed a few days with us.
We drove into Lansing with them once where they got to see the Capitol building , the first time in a big city for them.
It really was a beautiful summer, I hope yours was as well!