Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working In New Things

While learning happens all the time, I do like marking beginnings, especially if we have had any time of set back or dry spell. Fighting cancer along with financial hardship for certain had a bit of a rough path and dry spell for us. So this year seems even more special this year to mark the start of a new year of learning, new beginnings and with it new sets of challenges.

While I have all sorts of ideas what I want to buy, plan, do, we have to start small and start anywhere! We already have quite a few things in our home we can continue to use, or things that are here waiting to be used for the first time, there are always things we want to implement or of course purchase as the year goes on in addition to what we already own.

These are the three new additions to kick off a new year.

Hubby and both kids are not comfortable in the kitchen and really lack cooking skills and is something hard to learn from me as I am a no cookbook a little bit of this, a pinch of this and never make the same thing twice kind of cook!

So I purchased 2 very basic cookbooks and we are all highly delighted with them!  The "I don't know how to cook" book 300 great recipes you can't mess up has no photos. But it makes up for it in clear steps and truly for a beginner cook with no cooking knowledge at all. Some really easy recipes using things like canned biscuits or frozen broccoli but also others making it completely from scratch and explaining things a seasoned cook takes for granted.

The Anyone Can cook has beautiful photos, time management notes and also a key 1, 2 or 3 letting the cook know the difficulty of the recipe. Easy, Medium, Hard so they can take one look at the recipe and know if they are up to a more challenging recipe or not.

The South Western Advantage Software Set shown here is similar but not the same one we have, ours was purchased through a college student and Amazon did not have the exact one we got. Same Company and similar but ours had different software in it. Ours came with a Spell Jam ( a spelling bee game) , I can speak ( a language program covering 16 different languages), Baggin the Dragon ( real life math game) Ultimate Math Invaders ( facts type math game) and Words Rock a typing game.

This is where things lead to confusion when we say we don't use text books, people assume text books is the only way to learn and they we do not use other methods. We use all sorts of books, computer software, games and media in our learning, just not TEXT BOOKS, usually. 

I am thinking of something fun to kick off the marking of a new year too, just not sure on the details yet , coming up soon though. We will be starting either September 2 or 3rd, not sure yet as my son will be with his Dad and it will depend if he comes up Sunday or Monday which will determine if our new year will start Monday or Tuesday!

What fun new things have you gotten this year?

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