Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 2: A Bit of a Fall Clean-up Day

Day 2 was a pretty busy day as it is fall, hubby was home and it was the start of a fall clean up day. Corin and Shae split the front yard mowing between them. Corin also did dishes and helped daddy make some sense of a neglected shed! Shae also did vacuuming and filling our water jugs as we get it in a large 5 gallon jug and then take that and fill 1 gallon jugs.
They both spent an hour reading their library books.
They both did a math worksheet......... I actually find this a tad humorous as I got new computer games this year. I tried out the one I installed called Baggin the Dragon and found it to be super fun but Corin told me "You know I like worksheets! I don't want a game!"  Shrugs shoulders....Go Figure! What is a mother to do but go print off some math worksheets then?
We also held our Family Financial Meeting which will be a regular Wednesday thing. Here we discuss how much cash we have available, what bills will be due out of that, ask questions related to income and expenses and keep  a book with these financial entries.
It may not sound like much but us all working together for fall clean up activities actually took up a large chunk of the day. Me and hubby were working on  things as well like getting all the scrap metal together and taken in for cash, dusting chickens (you dust for parasites) and other odd and ends.
It was a good and productive day with perfect weather for such activities!
My they are growing up so fast!

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  1. how do you dust chickens for the parasites? I heard of this but, don't know how exactly it is done.

    p.s. Just in case someone else doesn't know either. :)