Thursday, September 12, 2013

Learning is a Day at the Beach

Tuesday graced us with a September day in the mid 90's and on a day hubby had a day off of work! One advantage of homeschooling is the blessings that come with a family being able to take advantage of opportunities as they come up. That is exactly what we did by dropping other plans and heading out to a wonderful afternoon at the beach while other kids were sitting in classrooms at school.
Just the three of us as Shae decided to stay home and watch a documentary on Netflix about the history of Jamestown which we discussed when we got home.
The beach was a wonderful day, sitting in the shade with a cool breeze coming off the water as well as all of us jumping in, swimming and playing together in the water. A wonderful phys-ed class that was not planned out, but rather the ability to seize the opportunity as it was presented.
I love these days of spontaneous happenings, the ability to go with the flow kind of days. They never fail to lead  to some activity that not only are fun, but deep connections occur. It is a beautiful thing to watch unfold, and I never tire of hearing the laughter and conversations of these moments. They are stolen moments that homeschoolers are able to take full advantage of that to others, these moments would be lost on simply due to the families work  and school schedules. 
These moments of opportunity are certainly available to everyone of course. It just seems to be more in abundance to homeschoolers to be able  to take advantage of them. It certainly is a rare opportunity to be able to go to the beach this time of year here in Michigan so I was ecstatic we could go! It was not only fun but a day of much needed physical activity!  

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