Friday, January 31, 2014

Oh Martha, How I Hate Thee

I shout it loud and I shout it from the roof tops, Oh how I hate thee Martha! Considered a Lifestyle Guru, I remember watching your shows growing up as a child. As a young adult I began to hate thee. You see the problem with Guru's is that they give off this impression of how easy it is to do what they do. Many of them got to be guru's by tainted operations, and as they climbed the ladder to fame and fortune, money behind them to do what ever, when ever they want.

Martha was no different, gaining recognition with a questionable past in ethics on how she got to guru status. How she got there is really none of my concern, the fact is I started hating her due to how she made me feel as a failure as a woman, and a homemaker. So many cool ideas and crafty projects, smart organizational ideas and creative I Betty Crocker I may be, but a Martha I am not, not even close. Really of course, I do not hate her, I just was secretly putting the blame on her for my own large short comings as a homemaker.

You see, I have never been good at organizing my home, it always seems overly cluttered........well okay, embarrassingly cluttered, nothing homey about it and certainly no beauty within the home. I fail miserably in the romantic department and could not come up with a romantic saying or idea if my life depended on it. I can cook, and I am a good cook, and I can garden and I am a good homeschooling momma and that is about where I stop in the feminine department.

I was born and raised a country girl, had somewhat of a tough life and only briefly on a few occasions got a glimpse of middle class income. I have worked construction, farm hand cleaning horse stalls, a nurse aide, a a humane society worker in my days. I am currently battling Stage IV breast cancer while homeschooling my 2 youngest out of 4 children. Years and Years ago I made candles and I was really good at that but then stopped after my last child was born.

This blog is my endeavor to embrace the fact I am an average modern stay at home mom, maybe even below average! It is my attempt to start bringing out my crafty and creative side and making my house a home for my family. I am late to the game, trying to achieve good homemaker status in my mid 40's but hey better late than never right?

Pinterest just may be my saving grace for this project! I have no qualms about getting ideas for my new creative lifestyle from others! Did I not say I was not good at being romantic, crafty or having smart ideas on an efficiently run home?

I hope you join me on this endeavor and who knows, if you are like me, just an average  modern stay at home mom trying to achieve the impossible beautiful and organized home and romantic ideas and embrace the woman in yourself...... well perhaps we can inspire each other!