Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mid Month Update

Well February is always better, in large part because it is tax refund time! I would also like to take a moment to thank a few generous readers for donations that helped tie us over until we were able to get our refund! It has been a very long difficult winter. But the end is near and it is time to start relaxing into spring!

The weather has warmed up some, we have had a few cold nights at just below zero but nothing like the negative 30's of January. The days have been in the 20's, we have been seeing sun again and I hear it is suppose to be in the 40's by Thursday!

While we got a propane fill up in January ( 200 gallons at $460) the frigid temps make quick use of the fuel and I had to order our next fill up already, with a propane shortage this meant my order for another 200 gallons is costing us $705 ! YIKES that is double from what our summer fill up was but good news is we got our refund to cover that expense. Now I just have to wait for them to deliver it ( up to 5 business days now, they increased that part too!) But we will remain warm for the remaining winter and hopefully March will bring beautiful spring temps and lots of sunshine!

For this month all bills have now been paid and caught up again, so now I have to sit down and get a new budget made out for this year. Really it should have been done at the first of the year, but sometimes it is hard to force yourself to sit down and face the music! It is much easier to do when everything is caught up and you can then create a budget on just regular bills.

We will be switching auto insurance soon as this will save us around $30 a month!

Each day I feel better, stronger and more alive so it is getting easier to take care of business again and it is a great feeling. Being idle is not good for my mentality, I need to feel productive!

I have been making lots of meals from scratch again, although I still need to create a healthier menu!

We need to get physically active , did I mention it was a long winter without being able to go outside?

January Stresses have ended, February blessings abound, and life is oh so good!

Looking forward to getting our financial house in order again and who knows, I may just have the energy and strength to get back to making money projects this year!

Hope your February was as blessed as ours!

Do you have goals for March yet?