Sunday, July 13, 2014

Small Town Growth Means More Options!

So my small town is experiencing some growing pains! Last summer Tim Horton's and Biggby's opened, our towns first well known coffee shop chains. Last month Meijers opened their doors and I hear rumors of a Kroger's moving in too! While I may not care for a town getting too big for it's britches , I am certainly appreciating alternatives to Walmart's which was the only choice in town before Meijers came.

I still would LOVE to get to the point where I can do without any supermarkets but I am no where near that yet so am for now happy just to have a choice.

I am sure this will also mean a growth in population and that is the part I will not enjoy as my tiny home town got way too big for it's britches and I can't stand it in that area now. Traffic sucks, people are in a rush, a tad grumpy and simply not all that friendly in a town that gets too big and everyone is in a rush , bumper to bumper. NO THANK YOU!

The 2 local stores both have closed doors but they were so high priced nobody could really afford to shop at them.........we are talking $15 just for a can of coffee at the cheapest price at one of those stores! Like insane prices!

I can not tell you how good it feels to say good bye to shopping at Walmart's and choosing a different store......because we have a choice now. Most small rural towns I have always lived in, that is the one and only choice for the most part.

I wonder what else is in the plans to move to our tiny little place in the world? 

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