Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hilda the Alien Tumor!

Only a German Woman could cause so much trouble!  ( I should know, I am part German and most days a Woman too! LOL)

So a needle biopsy was scheduled and we went in for that....it was scheduled for noon and not being able to eat or drink anything that morning. It was going to be guided by a CT scan so while I was in the machine, he would be able to see and direct the needle. Well of course it could not be that easy! By 4pm I was so hungry and thirsty is was not funny and it was discovered he could not do the biopsy. His exact words was "It would be suicide!"  It seems Hilda does not want to be disturbed so she can grow big and strong. She took up residence in the top most portion of my right lobe on my liver. This would have meant the needle would have had to gone through my rib cage from the side and to actually reach the tumor, would have punctured my lung and collapse it.

I was sent home. I was now to see a Liver Surgeon Specialist they faxed all my records to for a possible liver resection surgery. I did some research and became quite anxious......... 5- 7 days in hospital, 12 inch scar and average 6 week recovery time....... each time someone called and spoke to me and each time I researched just seemed to paint a worse picture than before causing my stress to go through the roof. I was for the first time in a long long time, have mild anxiety attacks and was to be honest, totally freaked out!

In the meeting it was terrifying for the first half, there was talk of not only going in and taking 50% of my liver, but doing the mastectomy too!  After my oncologist called to confer with him it went to a much less invasive plan that I could not be more relieved to hear!

It seems that even if they would have done the radical surgery, there is one spot near my heart too deep to get too. So the point of removing it all to lower the risk of re-growth and continued spreading is void since there would be the one spot still there .... as long as there is one, the risk for spreading and growing is always there. Besides the one spot near my heart is one of the older ones that has still been responding to my Tamoxifen.

So this brings us to the less invasive plan! I am going in for 3 days ( with about that for recovery time) where he will make a cut large enough to fit his hand in along with a few other tiny slices , strategically placed. He will then reach up and pull my liver down a little to get a needle biopsy and then burn Hilda to her death.

I am much more at ease with this plan of action! The biopsy will tell my oncologist what she needs to do for a plan of treatment. It is also good to know as good as I have been feeling, I wont be put back out of commission for such a lengthy time reduced to being on the couch or in bed!

Die Hilda Die!

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