Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dreams Know No Fear If They Are To Manifest

Sorry these photos are blurry but it was a fascinating thing to watch and observe. I was standing there as this bee flew down and instantly got stuck in a little bit of spider web. As I watched, this amazing tiny spider jump in without any thought about the danger running back and forth adding a little more web to entrap the Bee, quite larger in size to the little spider.

Working quickly the spider then proceeds to bite the bee on it's back rear portion, well out of harms way of any stinger. The bee was by this time safely entangled in web to where he could not really move nor turn around on the spider.

I marveled not only at how quickly this little spider acquired it's next meal but at the tenacity of it as well. It never hesitated, it never showed any fear, only seizing the opportunity as quickly and efficiently as possible. The spider never thought for one moment he was too small, incapable, or could not acquire his dream meal.

We could take a great lessen away from this observation of nature at it's finest. Many humans simply do not follow their dreams because their fears paralyze them into inaction

Fear Stops Movement!

Fear blocks success of Dreams becoming reality

Fear keeps us caged in a life of average mundanes!

Fear stops us from reaching our greatest potential!

When we allow all those self doubts to creep in, thinking we are inadequate for the job, we are unworthy of such a grand thing, bad things may come from it....... we stop our progress and potential for greatness and good things flowing into our lives.

Dreams stay dreams when they never get to be launched into action. Many times it is fear and fear along that keeps it as nothing more than a passing thought.

Sit down right now and write out your dream life.....what would that look like? What would you do for money? Where would you live? What would you do with your time? What does a perfect day look like to you? What kind of structure would you live in? What would you do on your days for fun or to contribute to society?

Now ask yourself.... What is stopping you from that?

Be the spider, jump into action and seize this dream life you want! Don't ask yourself what bad would come of this? Ask yourself what great things can come of this?

Every single human being is worthy of having a great life that energizes them, that brings good things to them and joy to their hearts. The work however is up to the individual, how hard are you willing to go after your dream life?

You will need the courage and the tenacity of the spider... and the attitude of NO FEAR!

The only thing standing in your way of creating and manifesting your dream life is YOU!

Remove the self doubts and fear and get out of your way, ignite the flames for that dream life with nothing but passion, zest and a tenacity for LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


Please share your dream life in the comments below, I would love to hear all about them!

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