Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ways to Stay Positive

Staying positive is not always an easy thing to do, especially during adversity or trying times. However given time of applying positive thinking, it gets easier as the habits are formed. Thoughts are created from the emotions we feel in a given circumstance; we have choice over our thoughts. We can choose to be miserable and see the bad in any situation. We can also choose to smile, Laugh at the nature of the situation or look for the good or lesson to be learned.

When we see that we have choice over our emotions, we can go on to learn better on controlling them as things come up.  Choice gives us power, choice gives us options, when we have choice, and we always have alternatives in which we can choose from. By choosing to stay positive in circumstance, we are taking a stand to not be the victim within our lives.

We are the creators of our lives and whether you believe it or not, circumstances are drawn to you by the emotions you give out. Our perceptions are vastly different between our negative feelings and our positive feelings. When we choose to seek out a majority of the negative aspects around us, we become a victim. The more negative circumstances we will perceive around us as that is where we are giving all our attention and energy to. This can lead to feelings of misery and depression, an emotional attachment that will be so strong it will be hard to break the chains that hold us in this slavery of emotions and will not see the solutions. Misery focuses solely on the problems where a positive attitude will focus on the solutions and options that lay before us.

When we choose to be the author of our story, our life and make the choice to be positive thinkers in our story, we open ourselves to the world of possibilities. We will raise our vibrations to a higher level that will bring more situations into our lives to be positive about. Recognizing our emotions for what they are and examining them as to why we feel the way we do is a great first step towards positive thinking. When we pause to examine and notice we are feeling negative about something and why, then we can quickly do something about it to turn those emotions around to a positive one. So what are some ways you can use to try to live with a more positive attitude?

1.)    Recognize and Review your emotions for what they are and why you are feeling that way. Sometimes just noticing it as a negative emotion is enough to let it pass in order to feel more positive.

2.)    Always try to see the good in a situation or perhaps the lesson to be learned. This may not always be easy to do but well worth the effort.

3.)    Do something to switch your emotions to a happier level, watch a comedy, take a bath, go for a walk, whatever it is that brings you joy, do it and you will soon change your bad feelings into good ones.

4.)    Use positive affirmations, start your day with a positive affirmation to get off to a good start in striving for your whole day to be a positive one. Affirmations are a powerful tool when used on a regular basis. It can be something as simple as “Today is the best day yet!” or “Today is going to be an amazing day!” or “I feel great, Life is awesome!” Choose one that feels right for you and empowers you for the day.

5.)    Know that no matter what comes your way, the bottom line is there are ALWAYS choices. Focus on the “okay, what can I do to turn this around? What are my options?” Always choose the options that will bring more positive results.

6.)    Use breathing exercises to calm yourself in stressful situations, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out, counting down from 10. Every time you exhale visualize the stress or negative feelings leaving your body. Every time you inhale visualize a powerful, bright positive energy filling your entire body, renewing your feelings into a positive being.

7.)    Remember positive thinking comes from creating the habit of those feelings. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit so do not give up and just keep trying to apply positive thought into your days. The more you practice it, the easier it will become.

8.)    Create a positive thought board such as on a bulletin board where you post pictures that bring a smile to your face, funny jokes or comic strips, inspirational quotes and positive affirmations. Put it in a prominent spot where you will see it a few times throughout the day. This will be sure to bring a smile to your face!

9.)    Choose your battles, another words review what is truly important to you and do not worry about all the petty things. They for sure are not worth giving negative emotions over to!

Of course even with these steps always remember that you are here to create whatever life it is you desire. The choice you make, is up to you and only you are in control of what emotions you will allow under any circumstance.

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