Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Purchase This Week

I ordered this cookbook this morning as just one of the items we will be using for our Japanese submersion culture course. Initially this was just an interest for my son, however after a visit to the Japanese Grocery Store and a Japanese Entertainment store while visiting family, and a purchase of a pair of chopsticks for each member in our daughter became obsessed with also wanting to take part in our Japanese submersion culture course. These wonderful stores were located in Novi, Michigan on Grand River Ave both next to each other and much like visiting a Japanese Museum, it was a great experience for all of us!

What do I mean by a Japanese Submersion Culture Course? Basically what I mean by this is that we will be exploring as much and deeply as possible every aspect of Japan and it culture as we can take it. This means eating ethnic Japanese foods and dishes, learning the language, learning it's customs and celebrations, watching Japanese films, pouring over maps of the area, whatever we can bring into our home to live and breathe as much Japanese culture as we can! I am very excited about this course as my kids bring me into their world of unique interests that I get to explore along with them. I think it is a fantastic and interesting choice they have made and I am excited to see how much Japan I can bring into their world!