Friday, August 19, 2011

Belle Isle: Detroit Michigan

Last week when visiting family we were able to take the kids to Belle Isle in Detroit Michigan having a picnic lunch there and visiting the Atrium and Nature Center. My mother had a Doctor's appointment in Detroit that day so we left early to explore Belle Isle, a wonderful free Park before the appointment. While the aquarium and zoo had shut down due to the city lacking funding ( although they are working to reopen these) we still had a wonderful time enjoying what the park still had to offer and not costing anything to enjoy!  After the Doctors appointment is when we went and explored the Japanese Grocery store and Japanese entertainment store which I do believe ended up being everyones favorite!

The last picture is of us visiting my Dad and Step mom our last day with family. My Dad had just underwent surgery for a blocked artery and they are in the process of moving into a beautiful house. So we went and helped them out a little bit, I would of loved to help more but alas, we had to go home! My son mowed the back yard and all of us girls weeded a front flower bed. My step mom fed us a wonderful dinner and her and my Dad sat in chairs to visit with us after dinner while we weeded the neglected front flower bed. It really was a wonderful week in all and we had a great time with family!