Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Looking Towards a New Year

While learning never stops through summer months, I always get excited when September gets close, marking another year for us. I love seeing how interests come and go and what the new year may bring our way, it is like always waiting to open a new present, you just never know what is inside!

While we tend to be pretty relaxed in our approach, I do look at what we are all interested in and start planning what material will be purchased to feed those interests and introduce new ones as well along the way.

This year our interest list looks pretty much  like this.

Green Living
Household Budgeting
Japanese Language and Culture
African Culture
Spanish Language
Art and Crafts
Board Games
Sustainable Living
Video Gaming

I think that is a pretty good basis to start with and am excited to explore a variety of materials for these interests!  It should prove to be a facinating year that I can not wait to start shopping for and gathering interesting items for further exploration of these subjects!
While I am not big into hard core planning , I do like to do outlines such as this one to give me a point of starting off at and knowing where to start at bringing items in that will enhace these interests.

Have a great new homeschool year everyone ! What are you planning for the new year? Share in the comments!