Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Visiting with Family

This week has found us spending the week with family, a wonderful way to wrap up the nearing end of summer.
We are spending the week with the kids aunt where we have been able to go to our family reunion and spend time with grandma's and aunts on my side of the family as well as hubby's side of the family. Our daughter spent the night with her grandma on daddy's side last night along with her cousins and aunt that have come to America from Greece and they will be spending the day today at Greenfield Village, a wonderful place to visit the past and a trip back in time historically!

We will all be taking Grandma on my side to Detroit tomorrow and we are hoping to make a stop at the Detroit Institute of Art or some where else just as cool. Thursday we head to Farmington Hills to see my Dad, the kids grandpa and grandma there before heading back home.

It has been a wonderful week full of family, swimming and visits to cool little places that we have enjoyed tremendously even though it is marking summer nearing to an end.

I will be posting pictures when I get back home!