Saturday, August 13, 2011

Materials Ordered This Week

Our Start Date is September 12 so this month I am ordering some things to kick off our new year the one on Custer and Little Bighorn was actually a special request from my son.

While this is NOT a complete list, this is the starting point of what I ordered and of course I will be adding things all the time. I will keep a whole list on the materials page tab at the top of this blog anytime you wish to see it and watch it grow from beginning to end of our school year.

The nice thing is I only spent $13 in total as I  earned enough swagbucks to turn in for $25 in amazon gift cards so I am thrilled I was able to purchase all this for the small amount that came out of my pocket! While visiting my sister she also very kindly paid for 10 notebooks, paper, glue and markers!  I also did not have to purchase the whole set of the Unicorns of Balinor as me and my daughter have been reading them all summer so I only have had to purchase books 6, 7 and 8 in the set however I will eventually have the whole set in our home library as she is very thrilled with this series. I will also be purchasing every Daniel X book I can get a hold of because my son is hard to come across things he likes to read and when he fell in love with one of the Daniel X books from the library, well I checked and found there are quite a few of them so I like to have available things he enjoys reading!

If you would like to try to earn swagbucks for your school items you can sign up at and use your swagbuck points to get $5 amazon cards that are stackable!

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