Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of Summer Days!

While it may seem like quiet lazy summer days with not a whole lot going on the surface as we prepare for a new Not Back to School Year, there has been some wonderful things going on for the End of Summer!

1.) We replaced our car with a nice Bronco! Thus duped Bronco Bob!

2.) On a walk last week coming back home we noticed a frenzy of leopard frogs in the grass along the road. This led to a good 40 minute walk of trying to "catch" the slippery little buggers, which by the way was not easy! Our 10 year old daughter however had taken a small towel on the walk with us and promptly used it and caught a frog on her first try!  I only managed to catch a toad who was much slower than the frogs and not coated in slime. In any case we were having fun laughing and giggling trying to catch the slippery little dudes.

3.) With the Triops kit we got at a garage sale, we did set it up and to our kids delight they have hatched and been an exciting endeavor watching them. They are tiny!

4.) We have been playing Risk and Domino's!

5.) Watched a few fabulous movies including the Rite with Anthony Hopkins and The Tourist with Johnny Depp along with a few others as well like My New Daughter with Kevin Costner!

6.) My daughter has made this whole paper craft unit where she made an actual stove that opens up and a removable rack. She also made tons of dishes and meals and uses all this with her Webkinz to play restaurant!

7.) Both kids got a jump start on their Not back to School, our daughter has watched her Nature videos that included Hump Back Whales,  Wolves, Crocodiles, Eagles and such. My son started his book "The Dangerous Days of Daniel X"

8.) They have been enjoying many hours of playing with their neighbor friends before they headed back to Public School which has now started in our area.

Well while not everything that is our quick re-cap of what has been going on behind the scenes here in our home while we gear up for a new year of record keeping, fun and always learning through living!