Monday, September 5, 2011

Simply Homeschooled

Simply Homeschooled- keep it simple-keep it real.

To be honest, here at Simply Homeschooled I have no clue what this year will bring even though we are all really excited about another year. While I do not like using labels we do tend to largely follow the philosophy of Unschooling. Unschooling is just one of many methods of homeschooling that is largely child focused and child-led learning that is not forced or coerced in anyway but is allowed to flow creatively and naturally.

Simply Homeschooled is kept in simple terms by not spending large amounts of time in planning. While in fact this year I have planned a little bit as far was what subjects we will be starting, those are the subjects of our interest at the moment. These are only abstractly planned as a way of knowing where to focus our financial learning funds at the moment yet is really nothing set in stone and can be adapted and changed as needed.

I do think for this year I may brainstorm some goals for the year and come up with activities based off those goals, not looking for teachable moments of course but just trying to creatively come up with activities my kids will find interesting as well as engaging and entertaining in order to reach our goals for this year. I will have to do another post after I have brainstormed this years goals.

As for keeping Simply Homeschooled real it means just that really - KEEP IT REAL! This means many of what we choose to do or learn this year will have meaningful connections that is applied to REAL life as learning should not be separated from living. Learning and Living Co-exist together in a continual cycle and not separate of each other. That is why for example we will be working on LIVING MATH this year where connections will be made from real life examples of the daily usages math has in our lives.

I think much of my excitement is coming from this antsy build up of energy and a need for action, to be shaken out of our mundane routine and propelled into a world of inspiration, action, new experiences, joyful living and the connectedness we always build as a family on this journey. Not that our life is mundane or anything but for the last year it has seemed to have gone at a slow pace due to circumstances. At times it can seem mundane and too much of a routine for my tastes, yet I have always thrived on change and shaking things up.

There seems to be an excitement for this year that is far more than any other year has brought, I am not sure why but it is there. Not just on my part either but on the whole family, perhaps there is an unforeseen reason for all the excitement that will be revealed in due time. Perhaps it is due to we have gotten through 3 years of being unschoolers and this 4rth year is bringing true unschooling into our lives where we are not worried about others opinions, we are not trying to grasp and understand the philosophy but we can LIVE the philosophy this year. Whatever the reason, this excitement larger than life is undeniably there this year for each member and I know this will be a remarkable year that I plan to enjoy the ride on!

Hope everyone has a fantastic year regardless of the method of homeschooling you do!