Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Integers, Pen Pals, Japan and More

I love autumn as it gets into a cooler but busy harvest time of year, yesterday I harvested a lot of apples and a few other things as well. Today I put good use for some of the apples and made hubby's favorite apple pies!

Our day started with a quick discussion of children in Japan that go to public school are responsible for cleaning, they do not have janitors clean the schools but rather the children spend 30 minutes cleaning before they begin classes. We followed this up with everyone agreeing to spend 15 minutes a day all pitching in and cleaning to start our day out. It was really amazing how quickly 15 minutes can make a place look pretty darn good!

Then Shae, our 13 year old son went off to read his book "A Terrible Glory : Custer and the Little Bighorn" while Corin, our 10 year old daughter and myself wrote to our first pen pals in Idaho! We are excited to have a few pen pals from a variety of areas to write to this year! We got our pen  pals from a homeschooling pen pal group on yahoo groups at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschoolpen-pals/

Both kids along with their 25 year old sister who also lives with us went through the Japanese Cookbook and picked out what recipes they want to try sometime soon.

Corin started a notebook for Copy Work she decided she wanted to do.

We learned a new word in Japanese today! This is hard for me as my hearing is not as good as it used to be! But in case you are interested our word we learned was Oyasumi nasai which means Good Night! It is really fun to try Japanese Language!

Shae took a Social Studies textbook that was actually left here and we found when we moved in and looked up the part about Japan in it and read that.

We also started our Math Journals again that the kids loved so much last year! Corin did some subtraction, addition and multiplication facts and Shae did addition to 4 digits. The fun part was we did an introduction to Integers! In the Math journal I illustrated the number lines and we discussed how Integers is the set of whole numbers and their opposites. We gave examples of how numbers could be negative such as if somebody is in debt, elevations of above and below sea level and temperatures.  I then illustrated another number line from our living Math book we got which illustrates Mortgage Balance or change in household after a divorce as negative numbers, 0 as the temperature that water freezes at , fractions being the numbers in between whole numbers, 2 being the smallest prime number and such. The kids seemed really into this and it was exciting to them to see how the Math is in our daily lives. 

The Kids also had Ramen for lunch and this is when Corin loves using her chopsticks, Shae tried once but found it quite difficult so we will get to how to use chopsticks properly at another time! While the kids ate, I used the book culture smart japan to go over food etiquette if visiting Japan.

In between things the kids would go off for breaks as I had to take our new puppy out to potty on the hour. So Shae would chose to go play a new computer game for his breaks and Corin chose to keep going outside to ride her bike.

While it may seem like a lot of this is structured it really is just spending time doing fun activities with the kids in a leisurely fashion that we are all having fun with and that is going along with our interests in the moment. It really was a fun filled day! The kids are also discussing the possibility of making an edible monopoly board.....now that would be a blast!

2 books I had ordered recently have been  although I am still waiting for the Go Green one!