Friday, September 16, 2011

Autumn Sorrows

While we have had a busy week of bike riding, frisbee throwing, puppy playing, math journaling, learning japanese words, baking apple crisp, and apple pies, copy work, reading about custer and taking notes..............We got the news my Aunt Pat passed away this week.

While I have not seen this aunt in about 20 years..........she was very loved and she has suffered for many years with MS , sugar levels and blood pressure. Lately she has been battling Colon Cancer that they had to stop chemo on due to all her other health issues. Now at least she may rest in peace and her pain and suffering be put to rest.

I have some very fond memories of her as I was growing up and I remember how much I loved going over to her house on Thanksgiving as she made the best and most delicous homemade mincemeat pies in the WORLD.  I also remember one summer where my mom was very very sick and going in the  hospital. It was one of several very scary times where they did not think my mom would live.  I remember we were to go with my Aunt Pat and her children to where she always went camping in the summer.

I remember at first how bizarre it all seemed as her type of camping was vastly different from the camping we knew as we were use to rustic, tent style and she camped at this camping resort with camping trailor and non-stop activities for kids and adults to attend. Once we got use to it, we actually started to enjoy it from all the craft activities and sand castle building and all sorts of things! We were able to befriend a deaf-mute girl there as well and I remember how much we enjoyed her company and how excited she got on the 4rth of July as she could feel and slightly hear the big booms.

My Aunt was a great lady and I never remember her getting mad at thing we did, always loving and laughing, she liked to laugh a lot from what I remember! These fond memories is how I will always honor and remember her. Unfortuantly I will not be able to attend her funeral but I will be celebrating  her LIFE and how I remember her. I do regret not seeing her more in recent years as for the past 13 years we were not living in the area and has only been this past year we have moved back into the area where much of our family lives. But I will celebrate the fact I have GREAT memories of her and how excited I use to get when we would find out we were going to see her and she was coming to see us.

Your memories will always be Cherished Aunt Pat!

On another Note my brother has been spending much time in the hospital. He had emergency gall bladder surgery and now it seems he has his pancrease swollen, running temps and possible pneumonia setting in as fluid builds on his lungs. So my thoughts are on him as well that he gets well soon and the pain eases for him.