Wednesday, September 21, 2011

River Walk Picnic!

Nothing beats a nature walk on a beautiful sunny autumn day! With our beautiful days numbered we headed to our local River Walk parks for an active and fun nature walk roaming , running and laughing through the wooded paths with puppy in tow. Our puppy Sophie is a border collie with extremely strong herding instincts already in place so she became frantic when the  whole family split into running every direction they could playing a form of woodland tag through the wooded paths. Sophie would whine like crazy and pull on her leash trying to round up her "flock" that was going every which way! We had a blast though and knowing our puppy would be tired out followed up the nature walk by having a picnic lunch back at the park part of the walk that had a few playground equipment and picnic tables. So while we ate and then watched the kids play, Sophie got a much needed rest and nap!

Later that night we went shopping and all shopped for food and some much needed new clothes which always makes the girls happy! They love getting new clothes and as I said, they really did need some new ones! We also were able to purchase a few affordable movies for our home collection as we sold our whole movie collection when we moved back to Michigan so really have had nothing on hand to watch at will other than our Netflix movies that come in the mail. We bought Zombieland, Barbies the princess and the Pauper, Knightstale, Fried Green Tomato's, The Blind Side and Date Night!

It was one of those days that just really could not of been any better! Pure AWESOMENESS of a family spending time together and enjoying every minute of it!