Saturday, September 24, 2011

Homeschoolers Don't Learn Anything.............

I hear this comment quite a bit from Non-homeschoolers including my children's friends after only a week before they wished they were homeschooled.

Homeschoolers don't learn anything............WOW SERIOUSLY? That is quite a bold statement and I suppose may be the answer of the parents to the children who run home saying they wished they were homeschooled as a way to stop the argument right there and then. I suppose this statement also may come from those who met ONE homeschooler that really was not learning much and could not tell the difference between a puppy and kitten at age of 16! (UMMMMMM OH YEAH been there done that MET ONE with that exact example!) 

Perhaps that statement also sometimes comes from those who can only understand the type of education that is given through a public school system and if there is one or two things your homeschooled child has not learned yet or has found difficult to learn that their children are learning at this very moment in public school means that homeschooling does not work and a child can not learn. The adults mind is simply to closed minded to see it any other way.

Again, homeschooled children do not learn ANYTHING................ Momma Mia that's a rough statement and certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth does it not?

How can you possibly learn NOTHING in today's world? How can you possibly not learn ANYTHING in today's world?

Ironically this statement usually comes from people who have NO knowledge of homeschooling whatsoever to base their decisions off of. Ironically this statement I have observed also usually comes from those who are some of the most inattentive parents I have seen. Parents who are quick to scream and yell, kick the family dog, not allow their kids to do anything but spoils them with any new store bought gadget. The kids themselves are spoiled brats, rarely home as they are bounced around from school, to after school programs, to grandmas and where ever else. When they are home the parent is never to be seen while the kid does not even have the know how to stay the blankity blankity blank out of the road and stands there on their bike in the road MAKING THE CARS GO AROUND THEM. The kids do NOT know how to knock on a door and just come over walking on in like they live there having to be told 10 times to KNOCK before entering your home! They do not know a thing about local wildlife or how to treat the family dog properly- cruelty and control are normal and acceptable qualities.

The comments also usually come from people that have never spent anytime at a homeschoolers house or if they have it was a once a year hour visit where all they witnessed was an hour of the kids playing happily and visiting!

I am sorry but can you hear just how stupid that statement that homeschooled children don't learn anything sounds? Do they actually ever THINK about these type of ridiculous statements? Or do they simply fear homeschoolers that heaven forbid their kids may actually want to spend some quality time with them?

My kids certainly will not be learning what their public school counter parts will be learning and all at the same times and grade levels. My kids are always learning though and that is a life long certainty that they will continue to learn as they experience and take part of the world. They learn because it matters to them to learn and is not a bunch of useless facts being drilled into them that will be forgotten the next year. While there certainly is a place for public school it just is not for us but learning is happening just the same, just not the same things! So impossible to go through this life and not learn ANYTHING! Learning is a constant and a natural human trait............