Monday, September 26, 2011

Opportunities Everywhere

It really has been a wonderful week, with perfect cool but sunny weather and the time to seize opportunities as they come up!

We spent the week writing pen-pals, continuing to learn Japanese words ( which by the way is really really hard but fun!) video-gaming, watching movies and watching all the new season shows like Raising Hope, Glee, Fringe, X factor and of course tonight Terra Nova!

Friday when hubby came home he mentioned a moving sale down the road and said town was full of garage sales so of course we grabbed the puppy and the fam piled into Bronco Bob and we headed out on our treasure hunt!  We managed to pick up an almost brand new bike for Corin for 10 bucks, an ice cream maker, a toaster and a few things hubby needed as well along with a new lamp table to go next to our couch!
Our family LOVES Garage Saling and everyone gets excited when we get to go.

Saturday had Corin asking me to take her on an extended bike ride so we went on a few mile bike ride down a country road. On our ride we came across a baby snake so of course had to bring it home for everyone to marvel just how tiny this little guy was! It was NOT easy holding him in one hand while he wiggled and squiggled while riding bike with my one free hand and NO brakes on my bike. Of course my daughter kept stopping directly in front of me but somehow I managed to always avoid the impending disaster! At home we all got a good look at him, making comments of how little he was and his need to go into hibernation soon as the weather heads into a cold season, then we took and released him back into the wild so he could go about his business.

Without time frames and rigid schedules, we are able to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves to us, one of my favorite things about this life style! It always for a spontaneous change of plan when things come up everyone would enjoy taking advantage of. We do not have to wait for anyone, or worry about being back at any given time, we are free to explore and take advantage going where the day leads us at any given moment. We take pleasure in being able to be sponaneous and free flowing going here or there and watching the contagious excitement of family members as opportunities present themselves. It's AMAZING to not be tied down to calendars or clocks and be free to do whatever, whenever and catch the wave.......