Monday, October 10, 2011

A 365 Day Project:EXTREME

I will be creating another tab here 365 for another page you will be sure to want to check often! I have been thinking of doing something for a 365 day project that I will be starting NOVEMBER 1 ! 

I was having a hard time coming up with ideas, I was thinking something to do with green living, early retirement, unschooling etc when my daughter Nicole came up with the idea to use the theme of EXTREME for my project and I must admit, this intrigued me greatly!  After all many of my lifestyle choices would be considered radical and extreme by mainstream conventional thoughts. So BRILLIANT it sounds like a plan that is bound to be interesting as Extreme and radical are broad categories that can cover quite a variety of ground!

I will be challenging myself to try new EXTREME things and challenge conventional thoughts doing something daily that may be considered extreme or radical, I already have a few ideas in mind to kick it off but would LOVE for you all to share ideas for me to try during this year long project!

So share your ideas for me in the comments here or if you want to join me in this challenge leave a comment with a link to your 365 page as well! Bound to be an interesting year full of surprises!