Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Unschooling Tips: Tip #1

Hello Fellow Friends, Readers and Bloggers!  I thought I would start a regular posting on Thursdays for Thursday Unschooling Tips! I will make these posts every Thursday offering tips on living a joyful unschooling lifestyle! Remember that the goal of unschooling is not education but rather a lifestyle of passion, joyful living, happiness and following one's one unique spirit of being the best they can be. The education and learning are simply by-products and side effects of living a full enriching life that builds deep connections within the family unit!

So here is Tip number 1.................(Drum roll please!)

Tip #1:
Take Great Delight in Discovering The Wonder of Each Moment!

Children are often experts in this area that adults tend to forget as they get older and LIFE takes over. However if we can consciously shift back to living in the present and pay attention to what we are doing in the here and now and look upon it with wonder, we can begin to see the beauty of the moment. Living in the present allows us to fully enjoy the moment.

Many of us get so busy we are always thinking of yesterday or what our many tomorrows may hold, stressing about all the what if scenarios rushing through our brain. But if we train ourselves to focus ONLY on our NOWS, a flower of the most amazing beauty unfolds before our eyes elevating our vibrations of joy and wonder.

Whether it is a Delicious meal we are preparing to nourish our loved ones, pulling weeds in the garden, cleaning our home in order to create space for our children's imaginations to have a clean canvas to create in, reading a book, playing a game with our children, or even running to our local store for groceries, LIVE IN THAT moment and do whatever you can do to make it fun, enjoyable, exciting and full of wonder! It is only boring if your thoughts tell yourself it is boring, but it really does not have to be if you fully live in the moments as they happen.

Life will open up to flow simply and joyously when we consciously live in the present and live it as in the wonder of a child's eyes. Moods and thoughts are contagious as well so if you are modeling PRESENT LIVING most likely other family members will follow suit as well. Joy is an emotion, one we can choose to live in paying attention to the moment, moments that can take our breath away when we get out of the past or the future.

Learn to train yourself to live in the moment full of wonder and see how many moments you can make breathless that allows your spirit to soar and raise your vibrations to a new level of joy!