Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Unschooling Tips: Tip #2

How To Be Really Alive!

Live juicy. Stamp out conformity.
Stay in bed all day. Dream of gypsy
Wagons. Find snails making love.
Develop an astounding appetite for books.
Drink sunsets. Draw out your feelings.
Amaze yourself. Be ridiculous. Stop
worrying. Now. If not now, then when?
Make yes your favourite word. Marry
yourself. Dry your clothes in the sun.
Eat mangoes naked. Keep toys in the
bathtub. Spin yourself dizzy. Hang
upside down. Follow a child. Celebrate
an old person. Send a love letter to your-
self. Be advanced. Try endearing. Invent
a new way to love. Transform negatives.
Delight someone. Wear pajamas to a
drive-in movie. Allow yourself to feel
rich without money. Be who you truly
are and the money will follow. Believe
in everything. You are always on
your way to a miracle.

The miracle is you.
I saw this post surfing the web the other day given to the poster from a friend of theirs, it did not state the author so I am afraid I can not give credit to them, if you know who wrote this please leave a comment letting me know so I can give proper credit! However I found it very fitting for an Unschooling Tips thread so wanted to share it with you as Tip #2!
I would like to add to this by saying:
How to Really be Alive continued........
Climb a Tree, hunt for fairies in a magic meadow,
go grocery shopping in your pajamas,
make a stranger smile, do an act of kindness,
do many acts of kindess,
open doors, don't close them, sing loudly,
dance under a full moon, cloud watch,
try a food you have never tried before,
throw a party just because,
play in the mud barefoot, talk to plants,
giggle, no reason just start giggling!
Dance in the grocery aisle,
learn a new skill, research and come to your
own conclusions, remove the limits you have
imposed upon yourself.
Be spontaneous.
Play in the rain, hug yourself, send flowers to yourself,
live like there is only today!