Sunday, October 16, 2011

A few happenings this week..

Dear Friends, Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

Our Indian Summer has come to an end and chilly windy days have fallen across Central Michigan bringing down the pretty yellow, reds and orange leaves that brings life into the autumn Michigan scenery. The promise of the coming winter is here, you can feel it in the air and with the dampness of the area brings the chilliness within your very bones where the warmth of a house is a very welcoming place to be!

It is almost time to put the bikes in the shed, a day the kids are NOT looking forward to, but perhaps sledding in the snow will take over this seasonal delight replacing all the bike riding.

Shae continues his reading "The Terrible Glory: Custer and the Little Bighorn" which is fascinating as he always comes to me to tell me about what he has read about when he is done. It is a fun way for me to hear about the days of Custer and for a split moment, I am transported in time to another time, another place, a different way of life than our modern world provides.

Late into the scene we have Discovered the LOST seasons, when they started we must of been into some other shows of the time. However we all love this series and have been renting them from Netflix along with Dr. Who.  We just finished Disc 2 of Season 1 in LOST and can not wait to get the next one! It has also been bringing up some very interesting discussions and What if scenarios. We like playing out What IF scenarios here and exploring different options in this fashion.

We have also been doing work a few days a week in our Math Journals which was originally the kids idea and since we have so much fun doing them, it continues.

Trips to Walmarts have been a blast and far from boring- we explore the store together, laughing, being silly, even verging on the side for sure of being childish! Picking up things we have never seen before and loudly giving a "WOOOOO AMAZING!"  It keeps it light, fun and well WONDERFUL. While others may complain about walmarts and well shopping in general, we take full advantage of making it a fun adventure and a time of family connections while exploring new foods and gadgets. Sometimes it is a simple exercise in dreaming of things you would buy if you had the money that moment in time.......... or of the better days about to come your way. We most always bring back a new food to try, that has just been waiting for us to discover it!

Watching the News every night is a family endeavor as well and never fails to bring on discussions of world and local events about cultures, inner cities, economy, wall street, violent crimes and weather.

I feel very blessed to have a way of living with those I love the way we live our lifestyles. While it may not be for everyone, this is what works for us. I am So Blessed!

Of course this is just a few things that has been going on in our world, talking about everything this week, would, well take a week to write and talk about!