Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The $95 Grocery List

This list is based off of our new food  budget of $155 a month for a family of 5 which will consist of 2 shopping trips, this first one being $95 in total. Our next trip will bein aprox 8 days give or take a day or two either way!

To start with our pantry has 2 turkeys, 5 porkchops, 1 package of ground venison burger and 3 chicken breasts in the freezer along about 2 or 3 cups white flour, with a full container of oatmeal and 5lbs potatos in the cupboard and a gallon of milk. We also have a ton of pepper jack cheese slices in the fridge that was given to us by a co-worker of hubby's, so you may want to add another 10 or 15 for meat and a block or two of cheap white cheese such as mozerlla or pepper jack to this list such as chicken on sale that can be used in smaller portions to cover meals. Aslo keep in mind prices vary from state to state and place to place, these were all purchased at our Super Walmarts which is our cheap place in town that is closest to us!

List #1= $95 dollar grocery list for family of 5

20 pounds of white rice
8 lb bag of dried pinto beans
5lb bag white flour
4 cans of generic green beans
2 cans of generic spaghetti sauce
3 cans generic tuna
5 lbs generic peanut butter
2 jars generic grape jelly
1 pkg double AA batteries
20 lbs of generic puppy food
4 boxes generic mac and cheese
2 boxes of Ramen noodles ( 24 packs in total)
Large container black pepper
1 large canister of generic coffee
5 lbs. White sugar
1 large jar of Miracle Whip
3 cheap boxes of margerine
3 dozen eggs
2 loaves cheap white bread
5 lb bag of red potatos on sale
$5 package of 12 double roll toilet paper

It did not go near as far as I would of liked but it is a start, as I hopefully do not go through 20 pounds of white rice in a months time or 8 lbs of pinto beans! But then again, with my family who knows? LOL

So this leaves us $60 for the next spree and I will try to plan it to make out what we get for our buck and  start working on menus today. I usually do not do good with menu planning as I fix that day what I feel like making with what is in the house but for the purpose of trying to feed ourselves on a little amount in any given month, planning would be a good thing. I decided not to do the couponing this month as looking through the coupons, I still see it as spending more than I would with a basic staple style of shopping that I tend to do, but still am working on that! Enjoy!

ps. also this money actually came from end of November so this amount won't show up for the December budget.
If you do frugal shopping and have lists with amounts available or cheap recipes to make sure to share your links in the comment section! I love sharing!