Monday, November 21, 2011

Grocery Plan Breakdown

In my post dealing with my examination of food cost, I wrote how my plan was to shop for a family of 5 on $2.50 a day, while I rounded it off to $80 a month, when multiplied by 31 days it comes to a total of $77.50 a month. In my post A Budget is Made, you will notice I am allowing a total of $155 a month for food so after the $80 is taken out for general shopping that leaves me with $75.

Here is the breakdown of what meals will need to cost and how much will go towards that goal.

Keep in mind this does not mean it will always be in the goal range, for example not all breakfasts will be .30 cent meals, sometimes they will be more while lunch or dinner comes out less than budgeted. The point is that it gives me a base line in which to get creative and figure out how to make it work!

So here it is with no further ado! The prices reflect the price for the total meal, not per person and is always based on 31 days in a month  or 365 days for the year!.

Daily Costs:

Breakfast            ..30 cents ( only 3 people here eat breakfast so is .10 cents a person)

Lunch                  .85 cents

Dinner                $1.35

Weekly Costs:

Breakfasts           $2.10

Lunch                  $5.95

Dinner                 $9.45

Monthly Costs

Breakfast            $9.30

Lunch                 $26.35

Dinner                $41.85

Yearly Costs

Breakfast        $109.50

Lunch             $310

Dinner           $492.75

The $75 left over of the $155 will be used for things such as stocking up for our well stocked pantry goals, experimenting with extreme couponing or taking advantage of great sale deals!

My General Grocery Lists will be made based off the MONTHLY tabulations- Coming soon in another post!