Sunday, November 20, 2011

Overview of Happenings

It has been a little quiet around here with not a lot of new happenings going on, much of the same where Shae continues plugging away reading "A Terrible Glory Custer and the Little Bighorn".

Corin has been doing some baking from Chocolate Chip cookies to Cake mixes and with the cake mixes the only thing I do anymore is take it out of the oven, she does all the rest with no help at all including the frosting!

We rented Pinball Hall of fame from Gamefly and this is one video game I am having a blast with where up to 4 people can play so we hold nightly tournaments and all having a blast.

We were blessed with my niece visiting with her first baby, I am a GREAT AUNT! Elio is a very happy adorable little boy! My sister, nieces husband, my nephew and my mother along with my aunt also came and we had a wonderful dinner together.

I have started a new frugal blog I am working on a Poor to Rich a Day at a Time  that I am enjoying and hope it may inspire others experiencing hard times financially.

We have been getting Core Biology courses and Chemistry coursed via DVD's from Netflix and while they are geared for highschoolers we have been enjoying them tremendously!

We continue with training our border collie puppy Sophie who is too smart for her own good and now at 4 months old is fully housebroke, shakes, sits, lies, leads (takes leash in mouth and leads you home) plays dead, crawls and is now learning to say "prayers" we adore her quirky personality although she seems to get motion sickness quite easily and going 5 miles to town will get her sick in the car! Hopefully that changes as we want her to be able to go everywhere with us!

Lots of discussions about the economy, government and republicans going on in the home along with watching News at night together.

We have not worked in our Math journals this week but will be again soon, I have been busy going over our own budgets and finances that I will be going over with the kids over the next couple of weeks.

Corin has been painting a lot and making clothes out of scrap fabric for her Webkinz and Shae has been listening to his Hard Rock music he likes so much.

We are on Season 2 of Lost right now and watch it every Saturday LOVING it big time and we also continue watching Bones, Terra Nova, Kitchen Nightmares, Fringe, X factor and Amazing Race . We also watch New Girl, Glee and Raising Hope. I know it sounds like a lot of TV but really we only watch it usually from 8pm to 10 pm and mostly that is because it is how I wind down before bed or I can not sleep so I enjoy evening TV shows.

Of course there is always a lot of computer time going in whether it is to play computer games, look up items or research things it gets used in rotation from family members throughout the day.

While I can not remember everything when I do not blog daily, this is just a quick recap of a few of the things I do remember but in no way complete! As I said it has been a tad quiet here as I am spending a lot of time on our finances right now and researching healthier alternatives to eating healthier as well.