Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to screw up Unschooling

1.) Live too much in your own "little world"

2.) Have no interest in learning new things

3.) Say NO all the time

4.) Have a bunch of arbitrary rules

5.) Get in your child's way

6.) Compare your child's learning to school peers and the public education model

7.) Say not now, I am busy too often

8.) Don't take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves

9.) Let fear dictate your decisions

10.) Criticize the child

11.) Devalue the learning in activities the child chooses to do

12.) Try to fit the child into the mold you have in your image for them

13.) Do not interact, play with or have conversations with your child

14.) Ignore the child much of the time

15.) Do not bring new and interesting things into the house

16.) Do not seek out new experiences

17.) Focus on the future of where your child may go rather than focus on the moment

18.) Do not celebrate the child for who they are in their authentic form

19.) Panic and throw textbooks and worksheets in front of them

20.) Do not facilitate a learning environment or fun activities