Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome to Poor to Rich a Day at a Time!

Extreme poverty is defined by someone who is living on 50% less than the income guideline for the poverty line. According to the Federal Poverty Guidelines   for a family of 4 100% poverty line would be an income of $22,350 a year. For a family of 5 it would be $26,170 a year and for 1 person $10,890 a year. Anyone living on half of those amounts would be considered extreme poverty and was  among the fastest growing income group in America for 2009.

Absolute Poverty means that one is not able to take care of any of one's basic needs.

My intent is for  this blog to inspire those of the various levels of poverty to live better on less, while working towards building wealth as with determination and perseverance, combined with a little creativity and willingness for hard work, it can be done regardless of how small one's income. You can do it, and do not let anyone tell you, you can't! Others that have higher levels of income such as middle class, may benefit from the tips in this blog as well that may for a variety of reasons not where they want to be financially. However fair warning, some of the ideas herein may be considered extreme!

It is my hope that my tips, ideas and suggestions here get you on your path to riches and motivates you to a better and brighter future on your path to riches and financial independance.
Happy blogging and happy reading! I look forward to getting to know my readers and share my journey with you all along the way!