Friday, November 18, 2011

Staying Positive

When things get tough, the tough get going and when hard times hit, this certainly rings true. This is not a time to whine and bemoan and defantly not a good time to throw in the towel and vow to stay in bed for the next 6 months or more. Now I admit, while I do tend to stay in a positive frame of mind, this is not always easy, I do have my days and moments of despair, that feeling of overwhelming dread that floods over one from time to time. I have moments I want to close myself off in the bathroom and cry, especially when the knocks in life seem to be un-ending.

It can be extremely stressful, juggling bills from month to month when bills exceed income and we all know where it winds up eventually. You hit a wall when juggling will cease to work when you have juggled so much and so long that the end has come and there simply is no more juggling or magic acts you can perform. Financial Disaster is staring you in the face and you are facing shut-offs, no heat for the winter and more.

Michigan ties South Carolina for the third highest in un-employment in the nation right now with a 10.9 percent un-employment rate. Michigan also recently passed a financial assistance cut off where thousands of families were cut off of government assistance this past October after their 4 year of life time government assistance allowance was up. On top of that it was passed that Michigan has eliminated the child earned income credit while raising taxes considerably on the low-income earners while they will be giving big businesses huge tax brakes. A group is supporting a movement to restore a small part of the child earned income credit back, I doubt it will be met with any success.

While my family has never been on any government assistance at any time and we have always stood on our own, I feel for some of these families as there seemed to be no exceptions to the 4 year entitlement limit. Some of these families really needed it while they stayed home to care for severely disabled spouses or children.

But in spite of the gloomy picture and no matter how bad one's finances may appear, it is important to stay positive, even laugh at some of the tribulations and trials thrown at you. This is a time for TRUE GRIT and the time when one has to dig deep, become creative, become ambitious and keep on trying. It is a matter of probability, the more you try things, eventually you will swing the odds into your favor reaching that 1 out of 100 successes.

Yes it takes CHANGE and change on many levels at that if you are to rise again. Then again belief in yourself is a powerful thing, where anything can happen.............if you just believe and remove any limits you may of placed on STAY POSITIVE for everything moves in cycles and this too shall pass.....