Monday, November 14, 2011

Stop! Don't Peel That Potato!

A couple weeks ago, I was preparing dinner and doing what I had done since I was taught as a little kid. Peeling potato's for mashed potato's, when a thought occurred to me, as I watched my composting jar slowly filling up with the potato peels!

What the heck? If most the nutritional value in a potato, is in the skins, why the heck am I peeling them and wasting all the peels? While I do not ALWAYS  throw peels in the compost, as sometimes I use them to make yummy potato skins for dinner but many times I do throw them in the compost jar! WHY? because that is simply how I was taught and never stopped to think about it but it is wasteful not only in throwing out food but also throwing out any nutritional value there is!

So now I simply wash the potato really well, cut it up, boil them and them mash them as I normally would for mashed potato's, skin and all and they are YUMMY! Nobody in the family has complained once I pointed out my revelation and nothing is being wasted which for me is always a good thing!