Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Weight Lifted

YEAH! I can not tell you the relief I felt today as the burden of worry about getting heat into the house was taken care of. I have been totally stressed watching our propane tank dwindle down to 20 percent, yet grateful forever that November has been very mild here in Mid-Michigan. If we would of been slammed dunked like some of the other states earlier on, we would of already ran out of heat. When little income is coming in it can be very difficult to come up with the money to pay for such an expense as fuel for your home even on our budget plan of $100 a month was seeming impossible to come up with.

Today however after sitting on a little money in the bank for over a week ( which is not easy when you need things!) and cashing out a few of our stocks combined with hubby's meager paycheck I crunched out the numbers. We could afford to catch up the $400 along with the $200 we already had as credit we were behind in to our propane company and order a fill up! I AM SO HAPPY AND THRILLED! This still allows us to cover rent and I had even part of our money to do either the monthly shopping or the stock up shopping. With the first actual snowfall we are getting today I ended up going for the stock up groceries I will show in another post. We will have to wait another five days or so for the monthly shopping.

I still have phone and electric to do some catch up on, hopefully BEFORE shut off notices so I do not have to pay as much right now. I am hoping to just pay enough right now to keep them at bay and do some catch up next month.

It still looks like a zero budget Christmas this year but having heat and a turkey in the freezer waiting is more than I could of hoped for at this point and is already so much better than many families out there experiencing hardships right now, I keep them in my thought always and hope everyone is warm as winter is now here.

Another good bit of news today? HUBBY IS SCHEDULED for a 40 HOUR WORK WEEK this week! It sure has been awhile and such AWESOME news! Let's keep our fingers crossed the 40 hour weeks last a bit at least until  we can find other employment!

At any rate I am feeling blessed right now, I am soaring, it was such a huge weight weighing me down, now maybe I will sleep better at night.