Monday, November 28, 2011

What If

American Public Schools Taught about.............

1.) What Americans need to know about the European Debt Crisis?

2.) Money Management and Living within your means on a cash only commitment?

3.) Tolerance and understanding of religious differences, financial backgrounds, special needs children?

4.) How to have a successful and happy long lived marriage?

5.) Unit and Price comparison shopping and how to save money at the grocery store?

6.) Entrepreneurship and building your own businesses?

7.) How to become a Millionaire or how to retire early?

8.) How to think out of the box?

9.) Understanding the Society we live in?

10.) How to problem solve in real life situations?

11.) Obesity in America?

12.) basic wilderness survival skills?

13.) Consumerism and it's impact upon the environment?

14.) No lies but straight up American history?

Share with me your What If schools taught ideas in the comments below!