Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Praise of Flour

Flour is GREAT, Flour is AWESOME, for our family it is always number #1 of making sure we have plenty of for it's highly useful and qualities of diversification!  While I love whole wheat flour, we can not always afford it as it is typically $3 MORE a bag for the same size bag of white flour which of course is bleached, then enriched so nothing good for you there! What I like to do is purchase both so that I can mix half and half therefore giving the useless white flour SOME benefit of the whole grain 100 percent whole wheat flour! 

With flour as a base however with one or more of either baking powder, baking soda, yeast or oil, butter and shortening there is an array of things you can readily make at home!

A few things you can make with flour:

Coffee Cake
Flour Tortilla shells
White Sauce
Pop overs
Pie Crust
Hot Pockets, Pasties or Calzones
Play Dough
Salt Dough crafts, decorations or Christmas ornaments

Now Granted for some of these, it does take a couple other ingredients as stated, but flour is the main ingredient and typically only a couple frugal other ingredients to make all of these which is by no means a complete list!  What can you make with flour that is not on this list? We would love to hear so share in the comments! Isn't flour GRAND?