Friday, December 16, 2011

Money Ideas Blogs of Note! Check Them Out!

I have been following Life and My Finances  for a little while now and think this is one blog to really follow and watch! He posts thought provoking articles and writes a lot about money making ideas worth considering! Life and My Finaces  is inspirational and a great motivator of trying new things to generate great streams of income striving to get out of the 9-5 world. He has recently started a new project The 30K Challenge to challenge folks to earn $30,000 in a year from online at Online Money Bloggers that will kick off in January 2012. This site is partnered with 20's Finances and with everyone joining in the challenge we will hear articles about ways to turn your blog into a successful stream of income.

Another Project he has partnered with JT to create Grand Per Month along with Melissa from Moms Plans where starting in January they will cover a money making idea every Monday that could generate a thousand a month income and on Thursdays will post things to inspire and motivate.

These are the blogs to watch for the new year that could be beneficial on so many levels and since my own blog here is on coming out of hard times goes with the theme here on helping others get back on the horse and on their way to financial Independence!