Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rich Dad's Book Review

This is what I have been reading AGAIN this week, this time going over it with a fine tooth comb and highlighting all the important items he goes over in this book that is written by Ken McElroy when asked by the Rich Dad Company to do so.

While I am not sure I would go about Real Estate Investing with the same gusto or ways they cover in this book ( I am not sure I want to run a huge corporation of a real estate management company or even come close to being considered a real estate tycoon!) However this book still covers tons of points that would be important to anyone looking into real estate investing!

This book covers how to do market research in depth, because you make your money the MOMENT YOU BUY.  I love how they show you how to evaluate the records and properties to know if you will have a positive cash flow from the beginning and shows you how much you should be offering based on what you discover in your research and analysing phase.

While this book is mainly on multi-rental unit properties , I think it is a must have for any home library for the person seriously considering real estate investing.

One of the more interesting aspects is showing how you can actually obtain rental units without putting any of your own money down. It is actually possible to use other people's money by attracting investors to a great deal.

This book also covers how to go about purchasing property that is not even up for sale at the moment and hints that this may be the best time to purchase as to when the for sale sign goes is too late.

I would  highly recommend this to anyone considering real estate investing.

What is your favorite real estate investing book you think should be in the home library?