Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Moment of Giving Thanks

I just wanted to give a quick thank you to my readers here, I have been getting a lot of emails that have been very supportive and uplifting! I appreciate the supportive words, links and ideas!

I have also  had a family email and offer to send my children gifts, their generosity of an act of kindness to complete strangers blew me away. A SPECIAL thank you goes out to this family, I am feeling very very blessed this month.

I so believe in the pay it forward concept and look forward to improving our financial path and being able to help and give to others when opportunity presents itself to do so.

For now we give to our elderly neighbor by anytime we bake anything sweet like cookies or muffins, we always take her a plate. She is 77 and just does not bake anymore so she really appreciates it. We also fix her a plate and take it to her anytime we have a really big dinner like for the holidays or special occasions.

Anyway, I did not want things to keep going without saying a special thank you to those who have stopped by and read our little corner of the world here. Your kindness and generosity and words of encouragement have touched our hearts in more ways than I could ever express!