Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not Buying Anything January Challenge!

Wanna join in for January of Not Buying Anything challenge?  I am joining in with 1/2 Dozen Daily

So if you have a savings goal or to reduce expenses in half, or not buy non-essentials join in with us as it starts January 1 just a couple days away now! Be sure to comment and let me know if you will be joining and be sure to link up with 1/2 Dozen Daily  and here at Poor to Rich a Day at a Time! I will get a page put up with the links!

If you write up a post about it be sure to let us know as well so we can all keep up and help support each other.

The rules? Your challenge, Your Rules!

This is a really hard challenge for me as I already spend so little a month! I will pay all my regular bills you know rent, electric, phone blah blah boring things that keep a roof over our heads

However here are the rules I am going to follow and see how much I can save over the month!


No Netflix or Gamefly for January

No REFRIGERATOR yup you heard me I will go the whole month without a refrigerator and it will get UNPLUGGED

No Little Ceaser $5 dollar pizzas  ( we usually get this once a month for dinner for a total of $20 for 4 pizzas)

If I can make it from scratch do not buy a store counter part!

No NON-essentials PERIOD

No extra trips to town wasting gas for something that could wait!

If hubby brings home more than his $430 every 2 weeks paychecks, save the extra!

I will put any money saved into a coffee can and total it up to see how much it is at the end of January and give a full report!

Care to join in on the frugal fun? Leave a comment and let me know!