Monday, January 2, 2012

A year has come to an end

I could say I am sad to see 2011 come to an end, while we did have some highlights for the year, I am not sad to see it come to an end. I am actually relieved it is over and with a new year starting, regaining the inspiration and hope for a brighter year.

2011 brought underemployment, financial stress, frugal necessities and very little going out to explore the world. A SLOW year with little activities and repetitive simple learning activities. Probably a large play in why I have not been as enthusiastic about blogging activities as much seems to be the same on a day to day basis. Math journaling , baking, certain TV shows we have been into, computer and video game activities, reading, board games blah blah blah. Certain health issues have also kept energy levels on the low side. So no, I am not sad to see 2011 come to an end, it was rough and I could not be happier a new year is underway. Although to be honest as I said, 2011 did have some highlights and of course we are always VERY blessed with the things we do have. 2011 brought many struggles however that I have not had to do in a long long time and I really am not in a hurry to continue them.

Rather I look to a new year as another fresh start, excitement, big dreams and ideas and a renewed commitment to again start blogging here on a regular basis. My goal will be to write at least 4 posts a week here! While I am happy that the kids learning still flowed and grew in 2011, I am looking forward to being able to have 2012 be fantastic. The kids learning for 2011 was still happening yes of course, but I am hoping 2012 brings a year where once again we can do many new things in the big wide world and have the funds to bring new and interesting things into our home. 2012 for me has adventure written all over it and I can not wait to see where I journey may lead this year!

Hope your 2012 will be an amazing year as well!

What are you hoping 2012 will bring for you?