Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 1 and 2 of the No (low) Spend Challenge

K I did go December 31 for shopping but it was actually for the First of the Month shopping that I typically do for our major once a month grocery shopping.

So I will log that expense for the first, the only reason we went a day early is because, well I was a good Mother Hubbard here and a storm was brewing for the 1rst so best not get caught without a bone to chew on! As noted on my grocery list I had a total brain fog and shopped like I always have totally forgetting the no Fridge part of my plan! Yeah I know MY BAD MY BAD!


January 1rst  Spent $136 for most the months food for a family of 5
January 2nd $10 for the couple things I juice, batteries and Dish Soap.

However hubby worked today so we did not take a trip to town to get the forgotten items. He works right across from the store so he just picked them up for me after he got off work on his way home. He did forget yesterday and asked if I needed him to run back to town only to be answered with a fairly loud, stubborn and firm NOOOOOO THAT IS A WASTE OF GAS! Of course love still crinkled the edges of my eyes as I am hopelessly in love with the man I was yelling at LOL.

So that totals $146 and I am hoping that the next few days we do not have to spend anything, I would love to see at least 15 days this month are no spend days.

But hey $146 for most the food for the month for a family of 5..........whatchya all think? Fairly good?
I  would like to think so considering that is on a no coupon way of shopping!

Just let me know if you plan on dropping in for a cup of coffee.......... I may have to buy more coffee soon!


  1. I think that's amazing! I usually spend somewhere along those lines for just my boyfriend and me. Sounds like you did a fairly good job sticking to your goals. Good job! Happy new year too!! :)

  2. Looking forward to following along on your No/Low spend for Jan. Good luck

  3. Wow! I'm very impressed with your grocery spending for a family of five. I need to make a meal plan and start to make food from scratch!