Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 1 :Assessment


Day 1 of my Habitat for Learning project started with an Assessment of our small space we have to start with. We live in a 2 bedroom 14 x 70 trailer which is about 800 square feet of space for 5 people, a cat, a dog and a hamster.  As you can see from the few photos I have shared here ( these are not all of them, they do not show my daughters room or the kitchen) I do not like what I see at all!.

My observation of the situation shows

1.) Clutter and chaos of a total lack of organization within the  home (it is not easy in such small quarters!)

2.) Lacking in so many ways! Beauty, inspiration, creativity, organization, order, learning materials, fun...

3.) BORING- with a capital B 

4.) Non motivational-  there is nothing to inspire or motivate on really any level!

5.) Things are hard to get to due in large part to lack of organization!

6.) Total Waste of space that IS available!

7.) Outside space is blank, flat and totally boring with lots of room to improve upon!

Okay so my bad and I am very embarrassed to show these BEFORE photos, yet it is our starting point of what we have to work with and yes clutter is a huge problem in small space that is shared by many.

If I KNOW company is coming ( I usually do know!) then of course I run through and clean off all the surfaces, vacuum and pick up the blankets in the living room from where my son sleeps on a pulled out mattress at night. Yet if you were to surprise me, you would see exactly what it shows in the photos, a tad on the cluttered side!

Surface areas in my home fill up quickly as everyone drops everything on them..........for me at some point to pick up! Hubby is no exception, he is a big part of that problem actually!

I defiantly need to exchange the blankets covering windows with something much prettier!

Anyways these photos show my assessment of our learning space right now, in a state of crisis I would say and is  in need of a major face lift as this is NOT the learning atmosphere I want to give to my children.

I want a space that allows a natural flow of learning throughout the day, that is organized and things are easy to get to. I want it to inspire learning, creativity and the imagination that has no boundaries between learning and fun. I want our space to motivate, to ignite wonder and passion.

It will take cleaning, planning, organizing and yes even money, which I will all be working on throughout this project!

I can not wait to see it transform , of course as I work on the space we have now......... I will also be working on getting a place of our own that has a tad more space to work with!

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