Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 5 Purging Continues.....

Day 5 was another purging day and while my plan was not to start on the girls room, Corin has been looking for a certain Nintendo DS game, so I figured the only way to know for sure was to tackle the scary project of their bedroom. I cleaned out their closet, bookshelves and the floor, even removing their mattresses from the room to do a complete vacuuming.

Scraps of paper, fabric and some broken toys cluttered their room considerably along with bags thrown in the closet from Corins method of hide to clean days! I removed a whole 60 gallon garbage bag of JUNK from their room! But I also uncovered toys that had been buried in bags in the closet that has not seen the light of day in months.

Nicole, our adult daughter has been away visiting family for a week and may be gone for another week or two so Corin slid her sisters mattress under hers to make 1 bed for the time being giving her more floor space.

She has been delighted to not only have her floor space but that I have uncovered her building blocks as well and has been busy busy busy building and playing with them in her new clean space , where there is room to create and discover!

I did not find anything new to add to the garage sale boxes BUT removing a whole garbage bag of stuff to throw out felt great even if I overdid it a little bit and needed a very hot bath afterwards! I love making a clean space that is organized where the kids enjoy being in that space to do what they like in.

It seems when you clean and organize, children take great delight in being in that area to have the room to make a mess! I may get this place clean and organized top to bottom yet and I am getting excited that once I have that out of the way what we can do to build a fun learning space in!

I plan on being able to perhaps use some of our tax refund  on their learning space and that is really starting to excite me!

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