Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Grocery List #2= $200

Well to be honest, this list was all free for us from a combination of my sister and mom when they visited and mostly by my aunt as it was her belated holiday gift to us.

I am totally guesstimating the cost as much of it was things I really never ever buy so have no clue what the actual prices would be and can only make my best guess. 

However I am sharing it here as one of the goals of my low cost grocery lists is not only to eat well on very little but to slowly get a stocked pantry built up!  So the total cost for January would be $350 which includes another $15 for milk, bread or a dozen of eggs if we run out before the end of the month. Still way below national average and a nice boost of stocking food!

January Grocery List #2

20 lbs puppy dog food
8 Giant Rolls of  Bounty Paper Towels
3 boxes of kleenex
20 double rolls of Charmin Toilet Paper

64 ounces of Ajax Dish Soap
Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cortizone Cream

2 bunches Bananas
3 lb bag apples
bag oranges
4 Red Grape Fruit
10 lbs white potatos

2 lbs margerine
2 dozen eggs
flavored coffee creamer
2  boxes 2lbs each velveeta cheese
10 count flour tortilla soft shells

jar prepared minced garlic
Thai Peanut Marinade
5 lbs white flour
10 lbs white sugar
48 ounce canola oil
10 lbs white rice
Auntie Annes at home baking kit/ soft pretzles
4 pouch package of brownie mixes
2 cake mixes
can of coconut milk
2 bags coconut flakes
bag chocolate chips

tapico pudding

family size 10 lbs package of Buttermilk pancake mix
1 gallon butterworth syrup
18 count value size variety instant oatmeal
Nesquick chocolate

24 count black tea bags

can pink salmon
20  chicken flaovored ramen noodles
1 box stouffers stuffing

Microwave popocorn
Shoestring Potato Sticks

6 lb can of peanut butter
5 loaves bread

2 whole chickens
1 ham
1 pkg bacon
1 roll jimmy dean sausage