Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 6: As You May of Guessed

Yup another day of Decluttering, Purging what ever you may call it and OH HOW it seems so BORING! I was able to throw out 2 more large garbage bags of clutter AND box up and price 2 more boxes for a Garage Sale! BUT while the whole decluttering and organizing my seem dull I see it as a necessary step in the process of the Habitat for Learning Project.

If my plan is to create a flowing and interesting learning space, I need to clear out all the items taking up space that is useless to us. In order to bring things in, things have to go out! Otherwise you end up with ........... WELL, NO SPACE! And to let creativity flow, you need clean, fresh.........SPACE.

So while decluttering is by all standards MUNDANE.........or in some aspects I guess it could be considered, treasure hunting depending on what you find.........in my opinion, it is an absolute MUST that needs to happen PRIOR to anything else when deciding to launch a project.

It is not much fun to have items needed crammed and buried among a ton of stuff that is not needed and only clutter......everything so unorganized where you can not find anything and waste precious time searching.It is so much easier to have things clean, decluttered and all organized in which creativity can flow and time is not wasted on always having to stop and search for things.

Once all cleaned and organized, it becomes much easier to work on creating and instilling items of value into the home creating an atmosphere that is in much more harmony to the vibrations of your unique family.

Until then, I am afraid you will have to be succumbed to a few more boring posts........ I estimate another 2 or 3 days of decluttering......if my back holds up to the task that is.......I am not a spring chicken anymore you know!