Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Name Brand The New No Brand?

Thought I would share this "from the mouths of babes" moment with you all as we found it funny and amusing.

The other night I  decided to make a nice baked lemon pepper chicken, with boiled potatos and carrots. Then I decided I would make the box of Stove Top Stuffing as well to go with it as my daughter, our most highly picky eater of the family absolutely LOVES her stuffing! Well usually anyways, I always buy this store generic stuffing that we like and is by far cheaper than the name brands and MUCH cheaper than my delicous homemade stuffing!

Upon serving the meal my daughter squeeled in glee seeing the stuffing and mounded up a nice helping onto her plate. She proceed to take one bite, wrinkle up her nose, and declared in a disgusted voice that THIS stuffing tasted funny!

I smiled and calmly said "really?" (  knowing full well what the issue was) I just looked at her and said "Honey, that is called NAME BRAND!"

She very seriously looked back and declared " I don't like Name brand things! Its awful!"

The rest of us got quite a good laugh over this but my poor daughter did not really get the joke!

I guess that says something about our shopping habits though when my daughter has developed a taste for off brand items .................