Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Want To Be a Beggar

While I posted about this on my homeschool blog, I had a very different take on this from a financial stand point so thought I would write about here from a different angle.

My 10 year old daughter hates baths and it can be a struggle and creative pursuit to get her to take one. (Then another struggle to get her out!)

The other day I asked "Are you going to take your bath today?"

Her response.........."NO, for all you know, I have plans to become a beggar! I better get started now!"

This got me to thinking............WHAT IF.

What if I would of chose such a goal as a child to grow up to become a beggar? What would that have meant and what significance would it have on impacting my life today?

Most children dream big.......ballerinas, astronauts, being rich and living in mansions, zoologists.......most are later very disappointed with how their life turned out in reality, not matching their childhood dreams in the least. Many become depressed with how life turned out.

But what if we turned the table and dreamt of becoming beggars, full time rustic campers, possums?

Then I  really let myself sink into thinking about the life of a beggar, how they would be dressed, where they would sleep, how they would eat.

Then I opened my eyes and looked around MY world and WOW what an impact it had on me! I have always been grateful for what I have, but looking at it from a stance of a beggars eyes it was an amazing journey for me. A new perspective altogether.

I had hubby join me on this exercise , thinking about the life of a beggar if that would of been our goal in life and then open his eyes and look around. I could even see his eyes get wide with wonder......we would think we far succeeded our goal, that we are living a rich and rewarding life full of wonderful modern things! We would feel elated to have such a wonderful warm home, full of modern conveniences, hot water, TVs, a phone, computers, heat, food........................

This is not meant to make fun of the less fortunate, but was for us, a wonderful exercise for gratitude...........a look into our circumstances from a very different place, a wonderful way for us  to experience just how blessed we are in the right here and the right now...............