Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sugar Babies

I tend to tabulate and calculate everything, the older I get the worse I get, or better depending on how you look at it! It is a trait that keeps the family in the loop of my wicked little revelations, keeping discussions open and perhaps eye opening. I can not help it, it is an illness where I look at things and instantly start calculation and crunching the numbers. I am an expert eye-baller always knowing at a glance, how much a particular item will last or how much it will cost for the entire dinner or how many hours hubby would have to work to purchase something.

My family does not always want to hear my findings such as my recent discovery of how much sugar we go through in a months time!  It is easy to not pay attention to small things like this when you buy small bags throughout the month. However this month was a bulk purchase of sugar, kind of easy to keep track of! We purchased a 25 pound bag and my aunt brought a 10 pound bag and guess what?

We will be out of sugar at the end of the month, a whopping 35 pounds of sugar and I did not even do hardly any baking this month! Most the baking that occurred was my daughter making all the MIXES that my aunt brought that are already sweetened.

35 pounds of sugar a month comes to 420 POUNDS a YEAR and could be as high as 450 pounds given the fact that some months we bake quite a bit!

It could very easily hit 500 pounds in one year if you add making jelly, jams and wine to the mix!

500 pounds of White Re-fined sugar in ONE YEAR is DISGUSTING! EWWWWWWWWWWWW! YUCKY!

How is that for gross? That comes to 100 pounds of sugar PER PERSON!

Going to get sick now.............................